Planto Zyme
The provided Planto Zyme is liquid formulation for increasing the plant growth and yield production. It should be sprayed 2ml/ L on plants stems and leaves when required.
Planto Granules
Our offered Planto Granules are used for increasing the growth of roots, cotyledon, fruits and flowering by breaking dormancy stage of plants. These are organic, safe and 100% effective in usage.
Planto Drip
The supplied Planto Drip is made up of natural bio-extract products to make them organic and safe. These are used for preventing senescence process in plants for increasing fruit production.
P Stim
Manufactured P Stim is helpful in increasing the production by delaying dormancy stage and rendering the plants parts with active amino acid. It is sprayed on bulb, seeds and suckers for maturing their growth.
Planto Horti Plus
The offered Planto Horti Plus is used for lime, orange, guava, mango, sapota, grapes, pomegranate etc. and vegetable crops. It is manufactured in liquid state which is easy to spray on plants.
Planto Hybrid Paddy Plus
Using natural bio-extract organic products, we are manufacturing Planto Hybrid Paddy Plus. It is used for increasing the photosynthesis rates and enhancing growth of the plants.
Planto Chilli Special
Planto Chilli Special is sprayed on chilly plants for raising the photosynthesis process, metabolic rates and fruiting. The liquid is easy to use and 100% organic in nature.
Planto Soya Special
The Planto Soya Special liquid spray is used for stopping the growth of iron deficiency chlorosis, soybean cyst nematode and other plant diseases for giving healthy and high yield soybean.